Education Series

Sectoral Trainings

Events Planned to Address Challenges in Transitioning to Professional Life in Our Department:

1. Introduction Workshops for the Preparatory and 1st-Year Periods

   – Department Introduction Training Sessions


2. Business Management Simulations

   – Simulations to Enhance Skills in Business Management


3. Interview Simulations

   – Simulated Interview Sessions

4. Certified Programming Training Programs

   – Training Sessions with Certification in Programming


5. CV Consultancy

   – Guidance and Consultation on Crafting Effective CVs

Training Sessions Related to Departmental Course Delivery:

Our team aims to establish note-sharing platforms and demand-driven problem-solving sessions, particularly for key courses during the 2nd and 3rd academic years. This initiative is open to current team members and those who wish to join in the future. The focus will be on creating a collaborative space for sharing notes related to essential courses and organizing problem-solving sessions based on student requests.

Shell Türkiye - Energy and CV Preperation and Interview Techniques